Many of you don’t even know who I am nonetheless that I’m OBSESSED with tv series and movies. This obsession started back in high school when I was in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend who was away for University. Okay, wait, if I NEED to be completely honest, I’ve been obsessed with watching tv since I can remember. I still hear my mom’s stories about how she would try to talk to me but I was SO into whatever I was watching that I didn’t even blink, personally, I feel she exaggerates but who’s counting. But back then I wasn’t following any series or binge-watching things, I would just come home from school and if my favorite tv show was on, I would drag my little person chair right in front of the tv and just get lost in the show. My real obsession tho started when I was in high school and I was always trying to be home to make time for my long distance relationship, so I started watching A LOT of movies, and when I say a lot I mean like 4-5 new movies a day. Once I watched all the new movies, I watched older ones and then I was at a point where I didn’t have anything else to watch so I started looking into tv shows I would like and so on.

Today, I have an app that keeps me up-to-date with all my shows, which is AMAZING. It tells me when they air, it gives me reminders if I missed a show that week, it lets me know if the show is canceled, renewed and when it’s started again, it’s basically my happy place. But to be ” normal ” I had to let go of some show that I’m just not obsessed with completely because I also need time to socialize with people too, hehe. So ALL this to say here’s some shows/moviesI’mat i’m obsessed with or was obsessed with and I’ll keep updating my list when I watch new ones. To add the cherry on top, I’ll even rank them to my liking.

Enjoy, XX


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