Facts about A

My biggest pet peeve is when people cancel plans. I don’t know why, but I’ve ALWAYS had this thing where I believe that if you plan something, you stick to it. I’m a strong believer in putting effort into your friendships, and people who cancel all the time, or are always late I literally cannot be friends with them. I feel like it’s common sense, if you plan something with me, then you show up. If it feels like a job, then maybe we’re not meant to be friends anyway right? For me, if I plan something with someone, I won’t cancel for better plans or ” not feel like it. ” If you there for me, I’ll 100% be there for you.

I hate sharing utensils, or drinks. I have no idea when you last brushed your teeth or went to the dentist, or who you kissed, or if you have cold sores .. the list goes on. Just use your own fork and your own cup. 

I am right handed, however, I mostly find myself driving with my left hand only. If I were to guess why this is, I’d say when I first started driving I was .. texting all the time. So I’m guessing I got used to using my left hand to drive and now I’m actually very good at making turns, using my signals, and doing almost everything with only my left hand while driving. 

I always eat right before bed. 

I love soft materials. 

I hate any kind of peanut or anything similar to it. 

I love dogs. 

I love to watch tv. 

I’ve had classes since First Grade. 

I had three retainers and braces, I also had to sleep with this head/chin piece that connected to my upper retainer, yay me. 

I love tattoos. 

I dislike piercings other than the ears.

I hate coffee.

I dislike ice cream, for the most part, I do however like hard bubble gum/mood mist ice cream if it’s from a local ice cream shop but I’ll only eat about a scoop or two maximum. 

I’m obsessed with fruity macaroons.

My eyebrows are naturally dark, and my hair is naturally blonde. 

I have a fear of the unknown, therefore I dislike swimming in waters that aren’t crystal clear. 

I am severely afraid of spiders. SEVERELY. I won’t even kill them because I have this irrational fear that it’ll somehow jump on me or escape and plan a revenge SO I developed this trick back in the day, I use whichever spray I have on hand (hairspray or cleaning supplies work the best) I spray the spider with a good amount so his legs are so sticky or wet it’ll just fall and crumble into a ball, then I wait until someone comes home and disposes of it. I never touch it, you never know if it’s dead or not. What if I would try and it would somehow still be alive and crawl onto my hand. I always make them flush it, it’s the safest way. 

I have a very big bubble, and I’m an extremely awkward hugger. I hate when people talk and they touch you, hate it. 

I am a very jealous person, I’m working on it okay. 

I love Cocktails & Champagne






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