Coincidence​ or Suspicion

Let’s start by saying, my mom always thought I was too trustful with people however, I always felt I was very guarded because she continued to tell me, people we’re never what you thought they were.

I all started during the summer when we lived in New-Brunswick, good old friendly Canadian French towns and all. I can’t recall how the first pair was found but one day we just found an unknown pair of sunglasses, I left it on top of the fridge so Sam could ask his friends if they belonged to them, and I snapchatted my group of girlfriends if it belonged to them, no one came forward so naturally when we moved out we just threw them out, they looked old and one of the arms was reattached with a piece of string. We packed and away we went to another province. We were newly moved and thought let’s go drive around and see what’s around our new town when my boyfriend asks me to pass him some sunglasses. I search the car and then I find some in the glove compartment, I pass them to him and he looks at me with a weird face and says ” those are not mine. ”  I just simply said ” well these are the only ones there. ” We talked about it for like five minutes, trying to figure out if someone forgot them and then I just simply put them back and say ” well their yours now. ”

Fast Foward to this week, Five months after our move. Sam’s has a work trip to attend in NB so he wakes me up and asks if I’d like to gas the car with him, this is at 10:30pm on a Wednesday night, we go gassing and then we go to bed. I went to work at 6:30 am and parked the car in front of the house where I work, I leave work, go to my apartment for 30 minutes and then leave for NB. I sleep at a friend’s house in Memramcook New-Brunswick, wake up and go see Sam. Sam get’s in the car and says ” who are these? ” I glance at him and it’s a pair of sunglasses. May I add, these are always male sunglasses and all different kinds. The first ones we’re just blake soft square sunglasses, the second ones we’re fake Oakleys, and this time; work glasses (protection wear).

I being a freak of crime shows immediately thinks WEIRD. THIS IS WEIRD RIGHT? but I just blow it off because I know I watched WAY too many tv shows and this is extremely harmless. we are talking about sunglasses here.

My boyfriend starts joking around about how I have a second boyfriend because these are all male sunglasses being left in the car, and I try to explain that I literally did not drive anyone during these times. He swore that the glasses weren’t in the car the night before when we went to gas the car and, I try to find simple explanations for them; like perhaps they were there before? But who do they belong to? Because I know for a fact I’ve not driven anyone lately, and he swears no one’s been in the car with him? and to add the cherry on top, this is third time people. Naturally, I told my parents and they freaked out saying I’m too relaxed all the time, and then we tell Sam’s parents and they have one explanation. They think it might have been a mistaken car accident. Like when someone thinks it’s their car, sits in it and then realizes they have the same one. They think someone comes in, though it was theirs and place them in the car while doing so. Could it be?

I’m just not sure what to think at this point, I feel like it’s could be totally innocent, but I should always be careful and clearly start to lock my car doors even if I have nothing valuable lying around in it.

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