Christmas in California

Hello Christmas Lovers,

This year I got to spend Christmas in Palm Springs, California. Did I love it? Obviously, it was awesome but with all things comes challenges and if we’re being honest, I’m not a fan of change.

So let’s start off by saying my family is huge on celebrating Christmas, my mom literally never lets us decorate the tree because she wanted it perfect to a T, which it was every time. My mom wrote ” From Santa ” on half of my gifts until late high school for sure, I don’t even think we ever had the talk that Santa wasn’t real, we just kinda figured it out from school and we played along for a little bit, but even when we told her we knew she continued to write it for some magical reason. She had the train that goes around the Christmas tree, the stockings, the church thing we’re baby Jesus is in (sorry I’m really not religious), the fake pine-tree streamers with the lights on, she even had a huge Santa that sang a bunch of Christmas songs everytime you walked in front of it. Oh yeh and a shit ton of gifts.

christmas decorations tumblr

Then I moved in with my boyfriend Sam, I mean I love him to death but he literally hates Christmas. Okay, he doesn’t hate it, but he thinks it’s for children and it’s overdone and tacky decorations, and I’m the complete opposite. The thing I love most about Christmas is the beautiful decorations, obviously, some are extremely tacky and old but that’s just a choice of style. It’s like saying I hate all couch because I saw a lot of tacky ones. It’s what makes you happy anyways right? and Christmas makes me happy. If that photo doesn’t make you happy, then you just have no heart. Shame on you.

no, but seriously, Christmas is beautiful, it brings families together and people are just plain nicer around the holidays. There’s one thing I’ve noticed about Christmas tho, the extreme stress people are putting on themselves for gifts. When you really look into Christmas it’s actually about Jesus’s birthday, and since it’s not religious well I don’t really care when Jesus was born (Sorry for the ones who believe) and then when I was little it was about Santa, but now that I know Santa is make-believe (Sorry for the ones who believe) Christmas is about family and spreading joy, and hosting people with beautiful place settings because beautiful things make me happy. hehe


California was GREAT, but on Christmas day it was kinda sad that everything wasn’t Christmassy, pine trees, lights, Christmas songs, laughing, drinking, the whole nine yards. If I’m being completely honest, I kinda missed Christmas. For my family, Christmas is about family and even friends. One Christmas I remember having three of my girlfriends at my grams house because why not? and my family was huge growing up, I had about 16 first cousins, and then add all my uncles and aunts friends who came … it was always a party. We would always have a karaoke machine, a bunch of gifts, way too much food, and so many laughs.

All this to say, I’m not ready to abandon Christmas just yet, but maybe just change some things. Next year maybe a gift exchange instead of having 30 people buy for 30 other people, maybe no mini church thing because it’s just fucking creepy, and just a shit ton of laughs and definitely the karaoke because theirs no party without it.


I’ll be working on making Sam less of a Grinch, and working on myself for being less obsessed with Christmas so we meet in the middle.

Thanks for reading,


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