Cajun Rice

I’m gonna start by saying I’M FAR FROM A CHEF. I’m pretty much learning as I go, and exploring different foods, but since I’ve been EXTREMELY fussy since I came out of my mother’s womb (I know, ew. get over it) it’s been really, REALLY hard finding new recipes for me to try but I keep trying so here’s one of my very first discoveries.

My mother LOVED white rice with butter (erk), just plain fucking jane rice. I hated it for SO long, that’s until I met Sam obviously, he always has something to do with my life right? hehe

Sam introduced me to Red Pepper Flakes which is DELICIOUS, and I don’t know where I found Cajun but somehow I became obsessed with putting it in my boiling rice water and it made the rice SO yummy, and then I started adding chicken. I probably ate this for my lunch for like a month straight, no joke. Sometimes I added chopped Brussel sprouts, and it’s golden. blackenedcajun4

So first things first, cook your chicken with butter or olive oil with a teaspoon of Cajun & yummy, yummy Red Pepper Flakes.

secondly, sprinkle some in your rice water.

DONE. that’s how I eat it, I usually add a shit ton of butter in my chicken because I hate dry chicken, and Sam add’s soy sauce but PASS.

Oh and cook your veggies of choice before because rice and chicken take about 10 mins to cook so be prepared.


Keep your rice dry, I hate chewing over-cooked rice (gag)

Cut chicken into bite-size pieces, everything is yummy in bite-sized

DO NOT make a sauce with the spices. NO. KEEP IT DRY.




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