Need to know

lately, I’ve gotten quite a few emails regarding my personal life, so I’ve decided to answer frequent questions about myself.

I’ll be adding each week, no judgment.

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  1. What’s your dream job? I have a lot hehe, but I’d love to credit/rate movies and tv shows for a living. #Dreams
  2. What movie have you watched that was too sad you wished you never saw it? Honestly, the first one that comes up to mind is My Sister’s Keeper. 
  3. What makes you different from most people? I might be too blunt and real for some, especially if your all rainbows and sunshine all the time. I like to keep things real, honest and speak my mind. My top reason tho would be that I do not really care for others opinion. I do me. 
  4. What makes you angrier than it should? The past. 
  5. What makes you nervous? Mhh, probably people being too close or in my bubble. I have a big bubble and I’m a tad claustrophobic.
  6. What did you learn a little too late? Trust should be earned, not given.
  7. How often do you exercise?  Never but it’s on my new year’s revolution list 2018 (fingers crossed)
  8. What’s your favorite drink? Water&Lemon or Martini’s 
  9. Dog or Cat person? I’m a dog person at heart, but I love all animals. (except snakes, spiders, rats etc and nasty pets like that.) These should stay in the wild. 
  10. What’s your addiction? TV. well, not tv per say because I watch everything on my laptop but definitely shows and movies. You’d be surprised how many I’ve watched. 
  11. Tell me something disgusting that you do? Well, I tend to cut my nails where ever, but don’t judge just yet. I am a clean freak, so I do pick them up/vacuum right after. But yes, I’ll cut my nails at the edge of my bed, the couch, the bathroom, WHEREVER I’m at when I feel the need to cut them, I cut them. 
  12. Introvert or Extravert? Mh, both.
  13. What place do you consider your home? Wherever I’m most comfortable, so my apartment. All my things are at the right place, all my favorite food, and blankets are there and most of all; my bed. 
  14. One thing you need to start doing? Exercising. I am so badly out of shape it’s not even funny. 
  15. The word that you overuse? mh, there’s a lot but I’d say .. but (what can I say, I question a lot) 
  16. A motto to live by? Treat others how you want to be treated.


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