Libra Thinking

There’s one thing that’s been bothering me, and since I’m a Libra I just can’t seem to pick a side. While we were vacationing in Palm Springs, we were by the pool listening to music and then my mother in law (who is absolutely the sweetest) turns the music down because there are other people entering the pool area. My first thought here is why? Is that person thinking about you? Probably not. so why aren’t you having your maximum fun and stop worrying if other people are having a good time? She answers ” Well we don’t want to bother them ” and I’m stunned by her answer. For me, you should live to the fullest, you should do what you want to do and not care what others are thinking. I’m not saying I’ll be putting the music at the maximum level and putting vulgar songs, I’m just saying live a little. The fat kid at the pool wasn’t thinking about me when he started swimming like a drowning fucking cow and splashing water everywhere’s but he was having a great time, and if I had a problem with it then I just needed to back the fuck off because I’m at a pool, there’s going to be water. Did that stop me from bickering about it? Obviously not haha. xkBbOW2KSuOEhDC7SVq2Mg

Do I bring a book to a pool? Me no, because I need absolute quiet to read so I know this wouldn’t be the spot for me if I really wanted to read I’d of rented my own private condo,  but my sweet hearted mother in law pointed out that the lady in the corner was trying to read. Honestly, if I gave a shit about every single person I saw I’d have no shits to give to myself. No, but seriously, I give to homeless people, I literally turned my car around the other day to buy dog food, people food and some bottled water for a homeless man and his dog. I cry if I forget someone’s birthday, I say please and thank you, I smile to people serving me at restaurants, I let cars pass in front of me, I tip REALLY GOOD.. just saying. Point is, I’m nice but I won’t sacrifice my own happiness to please someone I don’t even know .. but I’m still learning too. I’m learning to be nicer, I’m learning to more polite, you can always improve but I believe if your not happy first, you can help others be happy.

The next day, something similar happened but to me. I got to the pool area, and let me explain first, there were two pools, which one of them already had children around it (one quiet little girl) and this family of 4 comes in the pool area and settles down with their fucking children at our pool, where there are no kids around. They sit down and start blasting music WHEN THEY CLEARLY HEARD I HAD MY MUSIC ON, and start jumping in the pool like their all fucking 10 years old, throwing balls around and laughing, and I’m just giving them the death stares (I think, because I can’t really see that far but I was staring somewhere’s over there) At first i’m fucking annoyed, but then I think it’s a free fucking country and all I can do is be mad or just bicker about it and move on. Yes on their part, they should have gone to the pool with the other children, but they decide to come to the other one and what I am going to do? Well honestly I raised my music up a little and just bickered but I think I secretly like bickering haha, but deep down I knew they were doing them and I was a little jealous. So wherever you are, high five for doing You. (Air high five because I don’t like touching strangers, you never know where those hands have been.)

You know what I care about, the poor homeless man I saw on the side of street while shopping in Palm Springs, I though about him for days, wishing nothing but the best. I literally wanted to go bring him food and clothes, but that’s another story. I felt bad for the cat on the airplane who cried the entire fucking 5h flight. I feel bad for the abused dogs, and children in world. I feel about about animals who are thrown away or left outside in the cold, I couldn’t give a shit about the lady at the pool reading her book. none. If that makes me a bad person then so be it.

Salute to my mother-in-law for being so caring about others, but you only live once in this life and life’s too short to live for others.

Think about it this way, you can’t help anyone if you’re dying first, so that’s why they ask you on an airplane to put your oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else.

Do you. Let others worry about themselves.


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