My Forever Favorites

Ok, so here are my all-time favorite shows that I never miss every week.


Criminal Minds || 5 Stars

Criminal minds have forever been my first crime show addiction and oh boy has it introduced me to some amazing shows. My first experience with Criminal Minds way-back-when I think I watched the first season mostly on mute. HAHA, I do this ALL the time and it drives my boyfriend crazy. Once I watched a full season I was hooked, I went back and watched all the seasons I’d missed and then continued from there. Today I can say I’ve watched, and possibly rewatched every single episode of Criminal Minds. It keeps you on your toes, it’s suspenseful and I just love the fucking show okay. My boyfriend hates it, it says it’s fake and the story never follows. Okay for one, every television show is fake so get over it, and when you really like a show you don’t see it as fake, you get into the show so much that you are basically living the feelings with the characters, and I kinda love shows where there’s a new story every episode but still following the personal life stories of the characters in the show. 

Blindspot || 4 Stars

I first noticed Blindspot when they aired a commercial and I was immediately intrigued by the show. The commercial started with a naked woman unzipping a duffle bag and coming out of it naked in time square. She’s covered and tattoos and can’t remember anything so she quickly starts working with the FBI to figure out what each of her tattoos means. I give it 4 stars because of the second season, I’m not going to give out details but the second season is definitely less good than the first one. All and all, I’m still a fan. 

Chicago Fire || 5 Stars

Okay, let’s start by saying all the Chicago series are amazing and I absolutely LOVE the concept. Chicago Fire interlinks with Chicago Med and Chicago PD sometimes and I LOVE when it does.  I love Chicago fire because it has characters for everyone, and each episode something exciting happens. I’m definitely a big fan of Severide too, he is gorgeous. 

Chicago MED || 4 Stars


Chicago PD || 5 Stars

I almost gave Chicago PD 4 stars, just because in the new season one of the main characters was replaced and I personally hate when they do that but overall I love the show, and I never miss an episode. I miss Erin, but I also love all the other characters and I’m happy with Erin’s replacement. Jay is easy on the eyes too, hehe.  

Elementary || 3 Stars

I LOVE elementary, it’s about Sherlock Holmes solving cases and also touching in his personal life too. I love the two main characters dynamite, they make the show very pleasant. I gave Elementary 3 stars because the more season they do, the less good the shows are. I’m hoping for a comeback tho, fingers crossed. 

Hawaii Five-0 || 3 Stars

I never miss an episode of the amazing team saving Hawaii one mission at a time.

Law & Order: SVU || 5 Stars

I was a little hesitant to watch this show because when it came to me, it was already in so many seasons. The cover photo was very dated and the theme song was SO old, it just felt like I wasn’t going to like the quality of the show but I skyped a couple of seasons and I literally fell in love with this show, it’s always the first one I watch off my recordings and I’m never disappointed.

NCIS || 4 Stars

NCIS has always been one of my shows since I can remember, I hate that the characters change here and there, but the great ones are still there and I’m happy it’s still going strong.

Quantico || 4 Stars

Five stars for the first season, but now it’s just getting a very bad repetition but I still have hope. I LOVE LOVE LOVED the first season, it’s a must watched for sure. 

Superstore || 5 stars

Okay before I get into this show, let me say I never use to watch comedy shows or shows other than crime but one day I just felt like I needed to laugh so I searched for comedy shows and I stumbled upon Superstore and I FREAKING LOVE this show. I love all the characters, and every show cheers me up right away. I only wish the shows we’re a little longer but I can’t complain.

The Blacklist || 4 Stars

Awe Blacklist…

Way back when I would have never missed a show, but the last season lingered and it went off the path a little. It was more personal and less about crimes I felt, but my boyfriend’s dad kept watching and he said it picked up, so I gave another chance and it’s getting there, you just need to keep watching.

WestWorld || 5 Stars

This show I started watching with Sam, and we kinda made it our weekly thing and honestly, I kinda like the show now. It gets confusing at times but if you really watch, it’s a great sci-fiction !!

Younger || 5 Stars

I started watching Younger because I’m a LONG time fan of Hilary Duff, and honestly even if I wasn’t a fan, the show is great. It’s about a middle-aged mother who gets divorced and tries to get a job, but because she stayed at home for so long no one wants to hire her so she lies a little and her life completely starts over.

Grey’s Anatomy || 5 Stars

Greys, who doesn’t love grey’s?!

Grey’s Anatomy is like days of our lives, I’ll watch it forever and my daughter will watch it forever and so on. It’s amazing, even if one episode is bad, we know that the next two will be amazing so who cares right? I was a little sad when everyone in the show started dying, but it kept me on my toes too. Big Fan.

Riverdale || 5 Stars

Riverdale is an amazing show that airs every Thursday on Netflix and it’s the next PLL. Every show keeps you guessing, it gets hotter, badass and crazier every episode and I can’t get enough. I personally don’t like Veronica’s character, but she plays it well. I watch this every morning while eating breakfast in bed. #morningrituals

Santa Clarita Diet || 5 Stars

Oh my gosh, I can’t wait for season 2 to come out. I’m literally counting the days.

I found this show right when it came out on Netflix, and we quickly became obsessed. The first show I was definitely uncertain but then I gave it a chance and it was SO funny and original. I was a bit surprised that Sam liked it, but I’m ecstatic that we can watch it together.



The Brave || 5 Stars

 Adam Dalton and his heroic Special Ops squad of highly trained undercover specialists save the world one mission at a time, and Adam is GORGEOUS, and the show is full of action. Great first season. 

Wisdom of the Crowd || 5 Stars

Wisdom of the Crowd is a Tech company whose prime focus is to solve the murder of the boss’s daughter while assisting the local police in other murder cases via technology. I recently learned tho that the show will only have one season due to the main character being accused of sexual assault. bummer. 

Seal Team || 5 Stars

I would give Seal Team 6 stars if I could, this is definitely one of my Top 5 favorite show. I started watching the show because the main character played the roll Seely Both in Bones and I LOVED that show. It got canceled and then he stared in Seal Team, and I was hooked on the first episode. 

The Good Doctor|| 4 Stars

The good Doctor is about an autistic man who wants to be a surgeon and he slowly gets accepted into the hospital by showing his amazing skills and applying himself. It’s a good show, and I love the concept, I just gave it a 4 star because I prefer more action but it’s a really good show. 

Big Little Lies || 5 Stars

Big Little Lies is a dark comedy who stars the most amazing female actresses like Reece Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. It’s mysterious and packed with drama. I first watched this show when we were stuck living in a hotel suite for a month. We had terrible internet service, so all we could do is watch the old chunky tv and most of the shows we’re reruns or boring ass shows but then Sam found this and I wouldn’t give it a chance until he pretty much begged me just to watch a little and I was hooked. I pop into the Tim Hortons the next day and downloaded the entire season. I think I watched it all in about 2-3 days, Great find !! 



New Girl || 5 Stars

New Girl stars Zooey Deschanel who’s newly single and she moves in with three other guys. I absolutely FELL IN LOVE with Zooey’s character Jess, and every character absolutely deserves to be on the show, they literally wouldn’t be IT without every single person. Actually, that’s not true, Coach was on the show too long, I kinda disliked how long he stayed but other than that this show ALWAYS makes me laugh so hard, it even changes my mood; I am literally always happier after watching this show. Congrats.

Shameless || 4 Stars

Shameless is about a struggling family who was left behind by their mother and their father is around, however, he is causing more trouble than anything else. The oldest sister Fiona is left to pick up the pieces.  It is a really good show, it just wasn’t my favorite.




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